"Introducing Voice via Internet Calling a.k.a. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)"
As always your feedback is important for improved quality of service. Please call 200201, 200206, 200210 or send an email to voipsupport@habari.co.tz


News Flash
  • The billing system is now effective and requires a PIN number to make international calls.
  • Please note local calls (calls to 200XXX numbers) will not be charged...!!!
  • There is NO need to type *45 to make credited calls i.e. international calls or any other calls simply type in the number.
  • Also NO need for adding 011 before the country code.
  • You may contact the HNL VoIP support team if you want your credit to be directly connected to your phone number. This will save you the need to type in the PIN number but will also allow access to billed calls to all who have access to your VoIP phone.

Please visit the sites below for more information and assistance...

FAQ - for Frequently Asked Questions
Call Rates - for all the call rates round the world
VoIP Account - for all users VoIP account
VoiceMail - Login using your phone number and voicemail password to listen to your voice mails on the web
How To's - How to install and setup the voip
Downloads - for the setup files of the soft phones. (includes Linux and Windows)
I. P. Phones - to know the difference between Soft phones and Hard phones and their relationship with VoIP
Other Users - Find other users that you can call for free using VoIP service.

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